Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Call centre staff offer waiver to tackle tough nuts

Call center executives are increasingly exercising their authority to waive anything between Rs 2000, up to Rs 10,000 to disconnect the line with irate or cantankerous customers.

Although the option of making a waiver is primarily done with the objective of retaining a customer, call center executives are misusing it by quickly offering the waiver to get rid of difficult customers.

Tracmail chief operating officer (COO) N Nilakantan says, “The customer service representatives (CSRs) are authorised to make waivers up to a certain amount. Beyond that, it has to be verified by the team leader and manager. In any case, all the actions of the CSR can be tracked.”

However, CSRs are smiling for obvious reasons. A senior call center executive with a leading BPO, Syed Sabir Ali says, “Most of the time, we use this authority just to disconnect the line with customers who are being difficult. It also saves time for us. By hanging up quickly on them, we can attend to other calls.”

Epicenter Technologies COO Navanit Narayan explains, “For one of our clients, the max waiver an executive can make is $200 per account (customer). Generally, waivers are given at the latter stages of collection depending on the customer and on the situation. It is generally used in certain cases to retain customers.

source: http://www.financialexpress.com

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